Our vision is to…

“Redefine the future for people and places by realising individual potential and delivering economic growth.”

Better for everyone

At Interserve Learning & Employment International GCC, we believe that by supporting the development of people and organisations, we can encourage and manage change effectively and create improved environments in which we all want to live and work, increasing opportunities to be successful. To do this, we aim to become the partner of choice for the public and private sector across the region in the delivery of vocational, technical, and employability learning services. By being focused on what the local labor markets require, we increase the opportunities that our students have in successfully gaining lasting employment locally.

Our Values

By putting people and places at the centre of our business, we can deliver sustainable communities, economic development and social inclusion. Underpinning our activities, are four key values that help us retain a strong core business while we make the most of our growth potential.
 Everyone has a voice
We listen and encourage openness, value all views and opinions and welcome discussion. We treat people as we want to be treated – with respect and patience.
Take pride in what you do
Everyone can and should take pride in a job well done. Whatever the task in hand, we do it with care and to the best of our ability.
Bring better to life
Believe you can do better. Ask questions, think differently, seek solutions and create ideas to support customers and add value.
Do the right thing
Don’t walk by when you could make a positive difference – ‘that will do’ won’t do. Make sure the right thing is also the safe and sustainable thing.
These values create an environment that is rich in inclusiveness, collaboration and camaraderie, in which staff have influence, recognition and can work with autonomy. They demonstrate our high standards, help us make the most of our strengths and highlight areas we can improve, giving our services greater meaning and maximising the impact we have on people’s lives.