Our Al Quwayiyah Male College opened in August 2014 and has maintained a student number of around 200 students throughout our operations.

Part of the Al Riyadh Province and located in the heart of the dessert, this college provides education solutions to the local community offering an adventure to experience rural dessert life for the Interserve team.

Following the initial Foundation Year English course, students move onto one of a range of Diplomas, including:

Business Management

Small Business Management

Occupational Health & Safety

Our students travel considerable distance across the province to attend our college including:

  • Al Faroq
  • Al Fuayleq
  • Al Harmleyah
  • Al Huaymil
  • Al Jufarah
  • Al Raboa
  • Al Roaydah
  • Al Rwaydah
  • Al Serah Al Hasnah
  • Al-Sulaymaniyah
  • Hulban
  • Kasrah
  • Kroeiah
  • Mezel
  • Mohiraqah
  • Om Judayer
  • Om Surayhah
  • Sabha
  • Sanam

Our Principals Welcome

Our aim is to redefine the future of people and places by delivering education and On the Job Training (OJT) that will support economic growth and the 2030 vision.

We are delighted to offer Vocational Education to the local community.

Student success is at the heart of what we do. This success comes in many forms – it may be excelling in your academic studies or gaining a job in your chosen field; whatever this success looks like our focus is on ensuring you reach your potential and leave the College ‘work-ready’ with the skills that industry needs We are committed to providing you with the best learning experience possible and we are sure that we can help you to realise your aspirations. We welcome all students whether returning to study after a break or continuing your education direct from school or college. We welcome and encourage diversity at ILEI Al Quwayiyah male College, offering extensive professional support to all students with disability, special learning needs or other requirements.

We support individuals, helping them gain the qualifications and experiences they need to build their future careers.

General Enquiries
If you want to learn more about our College, please contact alqm_studentservices@esgsa.com or call 0505786440.