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Year 1
Foundation English
Year 2
Associate Diploma
Year 3
Full Diploma

Year 1 – Foundation English

Students work through the Foundation Year curriculum, which is entirely in English and includes IT specifically designed towards their vocational courses and employability. Students take the Cambridge PET Exam at the end of the year to assess their learning.

Year 2 – Associate Diploma & Year 3 Diploma

Students can choose from a range of vocational courses outlined below and highlights the pathways and potential career options available to students following the successful completion of courses. The first list outlines the vocational courses offered in both our Male and Female Colleges.

Business & Financial Services - relevant icon

Diploma Pathways: Small Business Management

Possible occupations following the successful completion of the Diploma are:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Executive Secretary
  • Management & supervision roles
  • Small Business Management

Information Technologies – relevant icon

Diploma Pathways: Network Support & Systems Support

Possible occupations following the successful completion of the Diploma are:

  • Computer Network Technician
  • User Support Technician
  • System Administrator

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure – relevant icon

Diploma Pathways: Event Operations & Planning

  • Events Coordinator

On-Job-Training Requirements – Year 2 & 3

In the Diploma years of the qualification students are also required to complete a 6 week work experience at a partnering employer that we secure on behalf of students, to aid their learning and development.

Students are assessed by employers throughout the placement on the skills that they have applied and learned throughout the placement.


Students again are required to sit exams at the end of the year to assess their learning. A pass rate in line with the internationally accredited examining bodies requirements must be achieved to enable students to move into Year 2 of their course.

Course developments for the future

We are continuously working on the qualifications that we offer in line with labor market demands. Some of the diploma’s courses currently under development for future release include:

  • Facilities Management
  • Customer Service
  • Graphic Design

Our market research also indicates that there is demand for Shorter Courses, so our teams are currently working on a relevant portfolio to offer, which will be available in the medium term future.