ILEI AlQuwayiyah supports Autism Foundation
October 10, 2016

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign

Interserve Learning and Employment International – Saudi Arabia, is one of the leading vocational training and technical education providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with 4 colleges across the Kingdom:

  • Al Khobar Female College in the Eastern Province
  • Al Quwayiyah Female College in Riyadh
  • Al Quwayiyah Male College in Riyadh
  • Al Juaymah Male College in the Eastern Province (partnership with Saudi Aramco)

Apart from being a specialist in delivering customized vocational and training programmes, all in the English language, our main goal is to empower and equip the youth with skills, education and expertise needed to serve the labor market requirements, thereby giving them a fast track into employment.
Recently, our Al Khobar Female College ran a month long campaign to raise awareness on Ovarian Cancer, led by the Associate Diploma students, their teachers, and the Student Services team, which was very well received by all students and teachers, and had them very involved throughout the entire month.
The campaign involved decorating the campus in the color TEAL, the official color of Ovarian Cancer, posters, flyers, balloons, presentations in the assembly hall, emailers, bake sale, wristband and t-shirt sale, where all the money raised from the activities would go to charity.
As a result, the college raised a sum of SAR 34,300 (GBP 6,337) and have donated it to the Saudi Cancer Foundation where they will use the funds towards research and towards providing health services to those affected by Ovarian Cancer.